For all your electronic repairs
Established in 1995, I Manfred Jarvis took it on to open my TV repair business at 41 Crosshands Road, Gorslas, Crosshands.
At the time I was very nervous, as I had never run a business before, but as soon as my business opened to the public, the repair work came flooding in. It became so busy that I had to take on another collegue.
We soon built up an excellent customer relationship and just about all of our customers have been very happy with the service that we can provide for them, and because of this excellent service we pride ourselves over, most of our customers come to us through recomendation.
Technology is constantly changing, but even though we live in a so called "throw away" culture, and even though tv's and other electronic items have dropped in price dramatically, you will be surprised to know that in about 9 out of 10 cases, it's still cheaper to repair than replace for new.
We at MJ TV Repairs Ltd, do our fault finding down to component level, this significantly keeps the cost of the repair down much lower than the alternative of replacing complete circuit boards.

On occasions, complete circuit boards do need replacing, but in most cases we can source new and quality used boards for a fraction of the cost of the tv's total value, this again keeps the repair cost down to a level where the item in question is worth repairing and cheaper than replacing.
Please see on our home page for the vast list of items that we currently repair and service.
We also repair circuit board that customers bring to us , i.e. Fridge circuit boards, Central heating boilar boards, Auto motive circuit boards etc.
As well as industrial electronic items such as MOT machines, Compressors etc.

All our customers receive an estimated cost of the repair in question, and in many cases the cost to repair modern electronic items is less than a third of the replacement value.
All of our repairs are guaranteed for 3 months (3 months is the standard length in most service industries) and all of our quality reconditioned items that we have for sale have a full guarantee of 6 months.

So next time your TV, Video, DVD or HiFi develops a fault, why not give us a try, before throwing it into landfill, you may be pleasantly surprised.